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The thought of starting something on your own is always daunting. It is never easy to wake up one day and say, "I'm the captain of my ship from now on!" But after years of running inside the same wheel over and over again without achieving anything remotely gratifying, it made more sense to be "on our own." Since 2014, we've been working together in an investment company, but after four years, we realized it's better to be our own masters -- our own bosses! We've taken all the knowledge and skills that we garnered from our experiences and created Intellinvestors as a platform to share all of it.

What we do

We help traders who are starting out or traders who are in desperate need of a helping hand by providing them valuable educational content about the financial markets. The bulk of the content we share is about Forex trading, but we also share topics about stock investing, commodity trading and business. Over time, we have diversified to other markets too, including bonds, futures, and even cryptocurrencies. 

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Why do we do what we do

Trading the financial markets is similar to being on your own. Why?  Well, for one thing, you are spearheading into a market with billions of traders and investors so relentless that they'd be willing to bite anyone's head off just to make a profit.  For that reason, we want to give traders a boost in surviving the avarice and brutal financial markets.  When we started Intellinvestors together, we never felt more alone, and it is especially helpful to have someone by our side to guide us all the way through, and that same philosophy is what we applied here.

Our Goal

We aspire to be the leading investing and trading blog and create a community of traders within Intellinvestors who share the same passion that we have about the markets.

Our Content

hand holding an iPhone showing a forex trading app

 6 Practical Tips For Trading Forex With A Small Account

Trading Forex with a small account is difficult because it doesn't have the same cushion or room for error as with a larger account. In fact, account sizes that are not meeting the minimum lot size of most brokers have a higher probability of getting blown up since each trade would already be soaking up high leverage...

man trading with stick it notes on his computer

How To Master Forex Trading Without Trading Real Money

Mastering forex trading is not an easy task, and you're probably aware of that already. In fact, you must know that one of the ways to be good at trading is to risk your money. But to you, that's just a tough pill to swallow. Whether you're starting out or you just blew up a couple of accounts, all you want is to find something sure...

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