“Millions of Forex Traders Have Their Own Strategies. Very Few Actually Understand Them And Make Money. 

Will You Be The Few Ones Who Will?"

  • You have a trading system, but can't stick to it?
  • Tried all different kinds of strategies, but still can't profit?
  • Know the importance of recording trades, but don't know what important details to include in your trading journal?

Everyone Who’s Ever Gotten Profitable In Trading Knows The Importance Of Recording Trades. But The Secret Is To Record It Properly...

Dear Trader,

It’s frustrating, isn’t it? 

Even though many traders will try moving from one strategy to another, very few will ever make money. Some new traders will make money from time to time, but losses pile up once greed comes in. Others have a profitable system more than they know but can't stick to it. 

But nearly most new traders will fail simply because they trade based on impulse. Maybe it's even happened to you already. You have a strategy, and you make some money once in a while, but you end up having an account balance that's significantly less than your initial deposit. 

Maybe you even know of a strategy that works well and tried it, but when the market gets too exciting for you, you lose focus and dive into the madness. You drift from your system, and nothing goes right anymore. It's incredibly exhausting. Sometimes it makes you wonder if there is truly some dough to be made in Forex trading.

Listen, if you've ever felt like this, don't worry, you're not the only one. And it's not your fault if you fall into this frustrating cycle. You see, the reason why you fail to make consistent profits is that it's hard for you to follow your system. Not only that, but there isn't a way for you to analyze if your system works or not.

If you have a system for keeping track of your trading strategy, then you'd get better results too...

Not all traders realize that some things have to be structured for them to have measurable results. And often, it's too late before they recognize that they need to change something. This could be the inexperience factor or just the way the Forex market is advertised online as a get rich quick scheme.

But the traders who can follow their system and have a way to analyze it are the ones who profit consistently. And it's no wonder why they make it look so easy, while you struggle so hard as a relatively new trader.

A System For Tracking A System

Yes, that's correct. That's a double emphasis on the word "system." To be among the profitable ones, you have to be organized. Forget the saying, "fortune favors the bold? That's not going to happen in the Forex market. Just ask the 80% who lose money in this market. It's the cool, calm, and calculated who stays in the game.

What A System Can Do For You...

The market generally takes out three kinds of traders: a trader with no system, a trader who has a system but can't follow it, and a trader with a faulty system.

Joe has no system, and he trades the market because he thinks he can easily make money buy just opening and closing orders. He opens a trade, and at the initial sign of profit, he closes the trade. If his trade stays in negative territory for quite a while, he will wait until it reverses. Heck, he would even wait even if it gets past a margin call.

Jane, on the other hand, has a system but can't stick to it. She has an idea of where to enter and exit. But she will deviate from her strategy because of the temptation of making quick money from highly leveraged trades.

The last trader is Jack, who follows his system to a tee. Every day he trades the market. Some of his trades are winners, while most are losers, and he doesn't realize this yet. He is so convinced that his strategy works as it did in the past, but he doesn't have a proper way of assessing if it still works in the current market condition.

A System For Properly Recording Trades

What Joe, Jane, and Jack all lack is a system for recording trades. Joe, first and foremost, needs to find a trading strategy that he understands. Once he does, he needs to start recording trades systematically to prevent him from straying from it.

Jane is pretty much in the same boat as Joe but is one level higher because she has a trading strategy. What Jane needs to do is find a way to record her trades properly.

And Jack represents a trader who just doesn't understand that his strategy needs some modifying. What will help Jack is a record of his trades plus a way to recognize his strategy's viability.

Establishing A Strategy

Sticking To A Strategy

Modifying A Strategy

What You'll Need Is A Trading Journal...But Not Just Any Journal...You Need A Trading Journal System

But how can you create a trading journal system? You have a trading journal that you must've downloaded from our website, but is it enough to allow you to stick to your strategy?

That template is only a record of your trades that automatically calculates your balance, pip value, net gain/loss based on your transactions. You need something that offers you more.

And by more, that means allowing you to understand your trading strategies even further. You also need something that will enable you to commit to it in the long run.

Details. Details. Details.

You need a journal, alright but not just any journal. That free journal template is already useful. What you need is a journal that packs lots and lots of details about the way you trade and what you can expect out of it.

You also need to provide your own comments via ancillary notes that automatically corresponds to each trade so you can recall your rationale for taking them in the first place.

But best of all, your trading journal system should not be time-consuming. It should allow you to record trades easily, get the stats of your strategy, and then get back to the most important aspect of all -- actual trading.




This is our trading journal system that will help you finally gain control over your trades!

This will be your only ticket to no longer be a victim of your own impulses.

And this will allow you to analyze whether your current trading pattern is going to make money in the future.

  1. 1
    Ensures That You Follow Your Trading Strategy: The way this journal system is constructed, it will compel you to follow your strategy rules religiously.
  2. 2
    Always know what your risk per trade is: This also calculates your risk every trade so as to show you how many trades you have taken that exceeds the sustainable risk rate.
  3. 3
    Know What You Have To Adjust To Become Profitable -The amount of advance statistics in our journal will boost your understanding of what needs to be improved with your trading strategy.

Are You Ready To Be In Control Of Your Trades?

Here’s a sneak peek at what other benefits you can get when you order now:

  • You’ll find out a  simple stat in the journal system that will determine if your system will make money for you or not.
  • How to quickly and easily keep track of your trades weekly, monthly and yearly.
  • You'll be able to keep track of your trades, but at the same time, focus on trading, which is what really matters.
  • You'll learn what changes you need to do with your system to become profitable.
  • WARNING: Don’t even think about trading until you learn how to record your trades properly with our journal as this can sabotage your profits!

Once You Start Using Our Journal, You'll Have So Much Insight Into Your Own Strategies That Improvement Is Inevitable.

Here's our Forex Trading Journal Version 2.2 in action:

Advanced Statistics

Every time you take a trade, you get more and more ideas about how you should proceed and what to avoid. The advanced stats section offers you so many details about your trading pattern and behavior that you'll know if your trading strategy is still applicable in the current market condition or not. 

And with this feature, you'll even commit more to your strategy instead of just firing off trades at random because who wouldn't want to know if what they're doing makes sense.

Take a look at the Advanced Statistics below:

But Wait... There's More...

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Bonus #1 - Maximizing Your Trading Journal Ebook

  • 7 tips to maximize Intellinvestors' trading journal 
  • 18-page colored Ebook
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Bonus #2 - Annual Trading Journal

  • An annual record of your weekly and monthly trades
  • Helps you get the broader perspective
  • Includes Stats That Reflect Your Best Month, Worst Month, Winning and Losing Streak
  • Update each month, including withdrawals and deposits
  • 100% FREE
  • Get a chart for your current balance.

Bonus #3 - Position Size Calculator

  • Always make sure that you're not losing more than 1% or 2% of your account
  • Calculates Major Currency Pairs
  • Use this before placing any trade
  • Know your Position Size Each Trade
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A Complete PRE and POST TRADE System

Here's a recap of what you'll be getting:

  • Forex Trading Journal Version 2.2
  • Forex Trading Journal Manual (26-page Ebook)
  • Annual Trading Journal
  • Maximizing Your Trading Journal (18-page Ebook)
  • Position Size Calculator

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